GAME CHANGER - Chiappa Rhino 60 DS

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The GAMECHANGER holster by Gameface Holsters 


Suited up with the top notch drop leg shroud with the single strap and QLS by Safariland Group. This affords you a platform that is modular! The QLS allows for switching out holsters quickly and easily. 

Our Chiappa Rhino 60DS Holster is molded with precise tooling, unmatched and proprietary to Gameface Holsters. Our holsters are manufactured using CNC machined aluminum, resulting in tight definition and attention to detail. Once you strap this rig on your leg, you will say.. that is a GAMECHANGER!




Q: Do all GAMECHANGER holsters come with the optic cut front?

A: No, we give you the option. If you want to run an optic, select "YES optic cut" when processing your order.


Q: Does the optic cut reduce the retention? Should I be worried about it falling out?

A: Absolutely not. The optic cut retention gives the "kydex click" that we all want to hear. If your doing some rough country hiking or similar activity, we can add the optional snap loop for extra retention. Rest assured this set up solid without the snap loop!



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