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How to Choose My Holster Options

When ordering a custom made Gameface Holster there are several options that need to be considered.  Some options like color will have little bearing on anything more than our own personal enjoyment of ordering a custom accessory.  Others will impact the comfort, performance and usability for a particular application.  Following are some items to consider.


Ride Height:  When it comes to concealment, deeper is usually better.  However, there is a trade-off, when holsters are carried very deep below the belt line they become more difficult to access and for some there is a loss of comfort.  

High ride offers more comfort for those of us (especially carrying appendix) who are sensitive to pressure below the belt line and gives full grip access, but is usually less stable and less concealable.  

As a general rule mid-height is the most common ride because it gives the best combination of comfort, concealability and ease of getting a full grip on the weapon for a positive draw.  For this reason mid-height is standard on all Gameface Holsters unless otherwise requested by the customer.


Holster cant is another choice that could affect how easily a weapon is accessed and/or concealed.  Most armed professionals and instructors advise and teach that for IWB carry, straight cant is the proper way to go.  Straight cant allows for the hand/arm to move in a positve vertical motion that is natural for most shooters.

However for some carry positions, like 4 0'clock, and to aide in grip access on some smaller handguns, a small amout of cant (+/- 15*) can make a great amount of sense.



Belt Attachment is another area that offers various options to meet personal needs and comfort.

Standard for most IWB is the simple Over the Belt Clip.  Gameface uses the well respected injection molded FOMI clip as our 1 1/2" standard clip.  It offers excellent grab on the belt as well as easy on/off for the holster.

Standard IWB Over the Belt Clip:                                                                 


EDC OWB W/ Pancake Flat Belt Loops:



For absolutely positive hold and easy on/ off with any IWB holster or IWB mag carrier the best option may be the Soft Loop w/Snap or Double soft Loop w/Snap.  Gameface inside the waistband (IWB) soft loops are made from a polymer coated webbing.  Our loops are black with a matte finish and come standard with high quality snaps.


Gameface Leather Lining is an option that provides ultimate care for the gun and a smooth silent draw.  

On average people who carry concealed draw and reholster the weapon 2-3 times per day.  Over the course of a year this could add up to 1000 times or more.  Although very smooth Kydex will, in time, create some wear on the contact points of the firearm.  Leather is an excellent way to minimize that wear.  

Leather lined is a great option for Every Day Carry.  However, leather lining is not recomended for tactical carry.  Tactical carry means prolonged "hard" training or use in adverse conditions, not the every day sidearm carried for personal defense.  

Choose "Leather Lined" in the pull down menu when placing your order.



Gameface Leather Wrap is all about style and nostalgia.

If you love the look of a fine leather holster or prefer the feel of leather against the skin instead of Kydex, leather wrap is the modern answer.  Still built around strong, light weight, shape holding Kydex for easy reholstering and excellent carry qualities, a leather wrap holster is the best of both worlds.

Leather wrap comes standard in tan colored split pig leather.  Pig leather is prized for it's extreme durability even while being much thinner than common cowhide, a perfect combination for IWB carry.  Please add a note to your order if you would like to be contacted about other leather options.

Choose "Leather Wrap" in the pull down menu when placing your order.



Holsters can come in many differnet colors:


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