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  • "Dip" Carrier

    "Dip" Carrier

    Designed with input from an active duty Marine, the Gameface "Dip" Carrier is ready to attach securely to your gov't issue MOLLE (PALS) loop vest or pack using the excellent Malice Clip system.  Adjustable retention allows for easy one hand...

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  • E.D.C Dump Tray

    E.D.C Dump Tray

    Are you tired of throwing your keys, your wallet, your watch, pen, knife, all of your EDC essentials on top of your counter? If your like me this drives my O.C.D through the roof! Pick up an EDC Dump Tray, keep it organized and looking pretty awesome to...

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  • Flashlight Carriers

    Flashlight Carriers

    EDC flashlights need to be easy to access and secure against loss.  With the Gameface Flashlight carrier you can be sure that your light will be in reach whenever you need it, not buried in your pack or deep in a hard to access pocket...

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  • Ultrafire 1000 lumen  LED Flashlight

    Ultrafire 1000 lumen LED Flashlight

    The Ultrafire 1000 Lumen CREE T6 LED Flashlight comes with: 5 mode tailcap switch, all aluminum construction, 2 rechargable batteries and double battery charger. This is a super bright tactical torch that uses the excellent CREE emitter to produce 1000...

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